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Simple, reliable and versatile, just like a Swiss Army knife.
Works on Windows, MacOS, iPhone, Android, and accessible 24/7.

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Phone showing doctors or dentists appointment entries in a calendar Detailed statistics of dental or medical practice

Save your time by using alpinDent

Anytime, anywhere

In the office, at home, or on the move, alpinDent App is hosted in a cloud, available to you anytime, anywhere and on any device.

Less time in front of the screen

Our user friendly and optimised user interface will help you save time with administrative tasks, so that you can focus on what really matters, your clients.

No hidden costs

You choose a license based on the number of dental chairs that you want to register in the application. There are no other fees.

Three easy steps to success

Contact us

Send us the details of your dental practice, the number of users that will be using the application, and the number of dental chairs that you want to have in the application.



As soon as we have received your details, we will setup a portal for your practice and send you the login details.


Your portal

Once you receive the login details you can start using your own portal for next 30 days for free.

Work from anywhere

alpinDent is running in a cloud, and all your clients data are stored in US. Access to alpinDent is encrypted which enables you to securely work from anywhere in the world and from any device.

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Work from anywhere homeoffice

Performance at the highest level

Fast application makes you and us happy. So simple and so true. alpinDent runs on latest cloud servers, it is highly optimized and searching through thousands of patient data takes milliseconds.

See most important features

Rocket fast performance

Review From Our Users

Best recommendations for AlpinDent!

AlpinDent is an application that has made my work and the creation of patient files much easier because I have all procedures, treatments and planned therapies for each patient in one place!
Scheduling patient appointments is so easy and what I especially love is that I can access the scheduler on the phone when I'm not at work so I know the schedule for that day in advance!

Image dr Ena Filipović

Awesome functionalities!

Without reading any instructions, we switched to alpinDent within a day, and it has been the irreplaceable support of our team ever since.
The app has everything you need, and all the features are really easy to use. Our patients love the SMS appointment reminder.

Image Stomatologija Cvijetić-Đurđević

Easy to use!

The application is easy to use, and requires neither time nor IT knowledge to maintain. We are thrilled with the ability to access our data when we are out of the office.
AlpinDent fulfilled all our requirements and even more because they managed to migrate all our existing data.

Image Stomatologija Dr Ivana Lončar

Adaptability to the personal needs of the practice!

After we increased the number of chairs in our office, the need for such an application arose. The appointment planner is very clear and reviewed, scheduling an appointment is very simple and access is also possible on the phone when I am not in the office.
The support team is very accommodating and it is possible to adapt the appearance and functionality to our needs.

Image Dr Asja Hurem (Stomatološka Ordinacija Selimbegović)

Great support!

alpinDent is a comprehensive program and very easy to use. Everything in one place - patient records, dental procedures, X-rays or consent forms.
This is the best software we have used for multiple doctors. It's also cloud-based, so we don't have to worry about the server crashing or losing any information.
This product is extremely easy to use even for inexperienced users. And most importantly for us, the support team is knowledgeable and responsive.

Image Dr Biljana Manevska (Dental Cosmetic Studio)

alpinDent is too easy to use!

Definitely anyone can learn to use it in a very short time. And on the other hand, it has all the necessary options for work and good organization of the practice.
In my opinion, the biggest plus is the customer support, which is always there, always ready to answer all questions, but also to change the settings of the application so that it suits you best. Our full recommendations! ❤

Image dr Tamara Pušić (3T Dent)

You gave me extra free time!

I have great dental practice software. I can accessed it by phone wherever I am.
AlpinDent gave me comfort and freedom of movement!

Image dr Nenad Milošević (HappyDental)

Waiting Room Portal for Patients!

I would recommend AlpinDent to all dental clinics. One of the few programs that has the ability for a patient to fill out their chart while waiting for their appointment in the waiting room.
It is very important that you have an insight into all appointments in the office from your mobile phone!

Image dr Ognjen Ćosić (Dentist-O)

Quick data access!

The app made my work easier in terms of quick access to patient's files and personal notes.
I wholeheartedly recommend it to my colleagues ❤️

Image Dr. Amra Lutvikadić

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