alpinDent Features

From calendar, reports, patients to SMS and email, alpinDent contains all the functionalities which you need to successfully manage your practice.

Smart scheduling

Central point of the application is our smart calendar, specifically developed for the needs of the dentists. Calendar is fully customizable, choose which information to show, change colors, drag and drop the appointments and many more. In one click you can access patient data directly from calendar.

Calendar for scheduling appointments with clients and doctors


alpinDent odontogram allows you to easily manage the treatments of the patient. It is color coded, follows international guidleliness and requires no training to use it. Directly from odontogram you can access treatment history, RTG pictures, opinions, or other patient data.

Odontogram showing details of a patient


Each license allows you to have unlimited number of patients. Through our intelligent search you can find a patient by any identificator like name, phone number, social security number within milliseconds.

Detailed information of one patient

Waiting Room Portal

Transform dull waiting room into an interactive room where patients can input or control their personal data over a tablet. Data that patient enters is safely and automatically saved into your alpinDent application saving you and your patient valuable time.

patient portal for entering or validating patient data

Reports and Statistics

Know what is going on in your dental practice. We have prepared detailed reports and statistics which allow you insight into your patients, appointments and finances.

Client and financial statistics of medical or dental practice

Word Templates

Definieren Sie personalisierte Angebote, Pläne, Zustimmungen, verschiedene Korrespondenzen und Tagesberichte über Word-Vorlagen. Vorlagen werden automatisch mit den ausgewählten Patienten- und Zahnarztdaten ausgefüllt. Einfach im PDF-Format ausdrucken, herunterladen und per E-Mail direkt an den Patienten senden.

Word templates for offers, constents, letters


Have a clear overview of your revenue and your costs. Generate invoices with few clicks and send them per email or print them out. Take control of uninvoiced treatments, paid, and unpaid invoices. Check the current status of your materials and create shopping lists.

Client invoices for delivered services or materials

SMS and Email

Reduce the number of missed appointments by automatically reminding your patients about their appointments per SMS or Email. Beside appointments you can also automatically congratulate birthdays to your patients, or remind them that 6 months have passed since their last visit.

client communication over sms and email

Review From Our Users

Best recommendations for AlpinDent!

AlpinDent is an application that has made my work and the creation of patient files much easier because I have all procedures, treatments and planned therapies for each patient in one place!
Scheduling patient appointments is so easy and what I especially love is that I can access the scheduler on the phone when I'm not at work so I know the schedule for that day in advance!

Image dr Ena Filipović

Awesome functionalities!

Without reading any instructions, we switched to alpinDent within a day, and it has been the irreplaceable support of our team ever since.
The app has everything you need, and all the features are really easy to use. Our patients love the SMS appointment reminder.

Image Stomatologija Cvijetić-Đurđević

Easy to use!

The application is easy to use, and requires neither time nor IT knowledge to maintain. We are thrilled with the ability to access our data when we are out of the office.
AlpinDent fulfilled all our requirements and even more because they managed to migrate all our existing data.

Image Stomatologija Dr Ivana Lončar

You gave me extra free time!

I have great dental practice software. I can accessed it by phone wherever I am.
AlpinDent gave me comfort and freedom of movement!

Image dr Nenad Milošević (HappyDental)

Waiting Room Portal for Patients!

I would recommend AlpinDent to all dental clinics. One of the few programs that has the ability for a patient to fill out their chart while waiting for their appointment in the waiting room.
It is very important that you have an insight into all appointments in the office from your mobile phone!

Image dr Ognjen Ćosić (Dentist-O)

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